Why get a Freedom Blog?

Can't I get a free one elsewhere?

It's ready to go out of the box!

Your freedom blog comes game ready for business out of the box and it's totally set up for the needs of a network marketer.

Lead Capture, Community building, Social friendly.
It's also: 
  • Custom Designed
  • Includes Lead Capture Tools
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Integrated with an Email marketing system

Even if you can barely turn your computer on, a freedom blog is simple to use.
Your least tech savvy downlines can start blogging the same day they get their blog.


Why not use a free blog?

Free blogs are not well suited for network marketers
or anyone using their blog for business purposes for several reasons.

Ten reasons NOT to use a free service for your business blog
  1. You don't own the blog and have little control over the blog's design
  2. You deprive your main personal website of search engine optimization 
  3. Transferring data down the road can be very difficult
  4. Mediocre feature set
  5. Can be hard to customize as you can't alter page structure
  6. Limited themes and plugins if you want to customize
  7. It costs to add any style to it
  8. Can't always use a custom domain name (EX: AnnApple.com)
  9. Content and copyright issues - Most say they have free access to your data 
  10. They may choose to place ads on your site without your consent


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