Features to help you get the most
out of blogging.

With My Freedom Blogs, you'll have everything you need to simply and easily start getting results from your blogging efforts.

Best of all, everything is mobile-ready right from the start.

Your blog can help you:
  • Connect with more leads and customers
  • Create more sales
  • Sponsor more builders
YWP Aeticles

Lead capture Widgets

Your blog's number one job is to help you capture leads so you can follow up with people interested in what you offer.

You need lead capture widgets to allow your blog to do that.

We've customized your blog to include great looking lead capture widgets that connect your visitors to all of the lead capture sites we offer.


You can even select where you want your widgets to appear in your blog and which ones you want your visitors to see.

Your blog comes with:
  • Side bar widgets
  • Center Column widgets
Lead Capture Widget

Freedom Mail email marketing integration

The fortune is in the follow up. Without an email marketing integration your visitors will just bounce of your site, never to be heard from again.

Every time someone opts-in to get more information about your business opportunity or the products, they'll automatically begin receiving professionally written follow up emails designed to nurture their curiosity and interest.

This integration is ready to go out of the box, no set up needed!


Personal branding Hub Site

Your Hub Site helps brand you as an online expert in the health and wellness industry. It also acts as the hub for all your web properties.

It's the home page of your site and where everything connects.

Your Hub Site helps you:
  • Attract visitors with great content
  • Drives traffic to your lead capture sites
  • Amplify your Facebook marketing efforts
  • Have a central place for all your sites
Your Hub Site includes:
  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact me page
  • Recent posts module on the home page
  • Free tips lead capture strip and footer


Recent and popular posts modules

Each time you publish a new blog post your most recent posts will show up on your Hub Site's home page.

You can choose from the Classic or Modern style options


Customized theme

A standard WordPress blog is basically a raw website with no custom design. We've spent hundreds of hours designing the perfect design that loads quickly, looks great on desktop and mobile and makes you look like a pro.

Customized Theme

Simplified admin panel

We've customized your admin panel to make it easier for you to get going. If you don't need to worry about it, we've hidden it so you're not overwhelmed with gadgets and buttons.

You'll be able to do the things you need to do without any hassle.


Simple image editor

Your admin panel includes a simple to use image editor so you can crop and resize images with ease.

Admin Panel

Comments plugin

The comment plugin a regular WordPress site comes with is prone to comment spam and lacks the features needed to power discussions and increase engagements.

Your Freedom Blog comes with the popular disqus comment plugin that is trusted by millions of publishers.

Comments Pluggin

Custom domain mapping

Your Freedom domain will be automatically connected to your blog and if you bought your domain somewhere else, it's easy to connect it.

Domain Mapping

Google Analytics integration

We've custom coded your site to make it super easy to install Google Analytics. They offer the most widely used analytics tool on the internet.

You can track all your visits and what your readers do.

Google Analytics

Site load time optimization

We've optimized the code, design and images to load quickly. This is important because Google actually reduces your SEO score the slower your site is, and research has shown your page needs to load in less than 8 seconds or you lose visitors.

Time Optimization






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