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We kept the cost affordable so anyone could benefit from the power of blogging

What you'll pay if you're a:

Freedom Builder Subscriber
with an active Freedom Builder plan

Save 50% monthly


with no Freedom Builder plan



The 1st month begins with the 1st month onboarding fee of $297
*recurring monthly fee starts on the 2nd month.


No obligations, cancel anytime

*Our system will apply the discount if you have
an active Freedom Builder plan during the checkout process.

1st month New-user Onboarding

We want to make sure you're set up to win so we require all new bloggers to go through our onboarding launch process.

What's included:
  • With this onboarding service your coaching elf will help you:
  • Get your blog 100% set up to your liking
  • Create your first blog post
  • Use the category and tagging feature
  • Add and edit a featured image
  • Edit your post's URL
  • Publish your post
  • Share your post
  • Learn how to use the admin tools offered
  • And anything else you need in the time we offer

You can learn more about onboarding here:

Onboarding set up and coaching


Incredible Value!

We'd charge over a thousand dollars to build you a stand-alone site like this, and you'll get it for just one simple monthly price of $19.99.

Need some pricing perspective?

WordPress offers a business blog and they charge $24.92 but you have to pay it yearly, all in one shot.

That means you'd have to fork out $299.40 just to get started. Ouch!

With a blog you get:
  • NO Phone support
  • NO Lead capture tools built into your blog
  • NO pre-built skin and theme ready to go
  • NO Email marketing integration
  • NO Newsletter integration

Get Started Today!

Boost your network marketing business with a Freedom Blog and avoid the technical hassle and cost of designing, developing and deploying a blog yourself.


Simple to use - Cancel Anytime - Endless Support


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