What are the benefits
of blogging for
network marketers?

A blog is a powerful tool to help you not only attract traffic and capture leads for your network marketing business, but it also helps you follow up and educate prospects and your existing customers and builders.

Every time you create a blog post, search engines will index your post and you can be found by eager prospects you've never met before, who are searching for what you offer.

A blog is also an essential tool for people with small budgets who can't afford to advertise for leads, but are willing to put in the effort to create great posts which can attract web traffic organically (Free).


Here's a scenario where you'll wish you had a blog.

Let's say you talk to someone about the business or the products and they fire objections at you. You know if you push the issue, you'll sound pushy.

So what do you do?
You can go home and create a few blog posts that answer the objections you wanted to give to your prospect but felt it was better to back off and answer it later.

This allows you to have the time to say exactly what you want to say.

Then you can promote those posts in your social spaces, or even email it directly to your prospect who objected and ask them to review some thoughts you had about your conversation.

This allows you to educate people and not get into a debate where it gets awkward. Then forever more, you'll have your helpful content out there for others to see who may have similar objections that you can nip in the bud early.


That's the power of a blog! 

If you're hungry for a tool to help you share your love of your products and the opportunity in a way that can organically grow your business, a blog is one of the most important online tools you can use.


10 powerful reasons a network marketer
may want a blog:

Search Engines

1. Search Engines love Blogs


It's liked by search engines and social media far more than lead capture pages.

Give vs Take

2.  Give vs Take


A blog is the place where you "give." A capture page is design to take info.

Great Environment

3. Great Environment


YA blog is warm, conversational, informative and educational.

Heartbeat of Your Personal Brand

5. Your Blog is the Heartbeat of Your Personal Brand


Your blog offers a great place where people can get to know you and build a relationship with you online.

Scalability Online

6. Your Blog gives you Scalability Online


You can rank an unlimited amount of posts in search engines in as many keywords as you want.

Permanent Real Estate

8. Permanent Real Estate


Blog posts are permanent real estate and people can go back to them. You can have people discover posts you created 5 years ago and join your list / team from them.

Search Rankings

9. Search Rankings


As you write more posts, your site grows bigger and bigger giving it the depth it needs for better rankings. Google loves big sites

Free Leads

10. Free Leads!


You can get free leads from organic traffic. Meaning people found you and you didn't have to pay.


Search engines like blogs, people like blogs.

In fact, eMarketer did a recent study that clearly demonstrated this truth. 60% of people trust blog posts from an individual they know or met through blogging.

Riccardo Ferrari writes in his book: Supercharged Online Sponsoring, that your blog is undoubtedly one of the most foundational and vital steps to online success in networking marketing.

It establishes you as the founder and CEO of your own business. It keeps you in contact with your tribe.

Your blog is your front-end communication center between you and your audience and it's the core of your entire business.


How your blog helps you
capture leads:

1. The pop up
2. Your widgets in the sidebar
3. Your in-post widgets box
4. Your end of post or footer widget

Capture Leads

How network marketers succeed
using blogs online.

1. First they create helpful, value driven content on your blog
2. Promote your posts and attract readers
3. Your readers sign up to get your lead magnets (E-books, videos etc.)
4. You follow up with email drip campaigns, phone calls, invites to webinars 
5. You convert your leads into buyers or builders with live presentations
6. You educate and duplicate your process


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