Imagine what you could accomplish in your business with a
Virtual Assistant!


Freedom Virtual Assistant

Why Freedom VA

Network marketing business owners often suffer from the misconception that to be successful, they must do everything themselves.

Not only are you the prospector, but you're also customer support, the blogger, operations manager, online marketing manager, and so much more.

It's tiring just to think of how many hats you wear.
Why not focus only on the things YOU need to do and let our team of Virtual Assistants do the hard word for you?

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Not just a VA,
a Team of Virtual Assistants!

My Freedom VA is much better than trying to hire your own Virtual Assistant because one assistant is rarely enough. No one person can handle marketing, operations and all the unique skills needed for the variety of tasks you'll need for your business.

With My Freedom VA you don't just get one VA, you get access to our entire team.

You'll communicate your task requirements to your support elf and if they don't have the skills for the given task, they'll distribute your tasks to the person on our team with the skills needed to accomplish your task.

Can you imagine the leverage of having a team of virtual assistants helping you run, manage and market your network marketing business.

You'll become more productive,
more successful and have more freedom.

Team of Virtual Assistants

What Can My VA Do?

Your team of virtual assistants can accomplish a variety of tasks.

Here are a few of the tasks they could do:

Manage Your Blog

Manage Your Blog

  • Convert your text to a blog post and deal with images
  • Post your webinar recordings to your blog
  • Promote your blog posts on your social spaces and email
Social media management

Social media management

Your VA can do the things our 365 team can't do

  • Post on your Fan page
  • Post in your group
  • Greet people on their work anniversaries
  • Manage your Pinterest Account
  • Post presentations in SlideShare
  • Plus, much more!


  • Set up your events in your webinar platform
  • Have your text converted into PowerPoints
  • Design and deploy all your promotional assets
  • Plus, much more!
Sales and Support (Voice VA)

Sales and Support (Voice VA)

  • Call your customers to thank them for their order
  • Manage your direct mail campaigns
  • Call your group to let them know about events and specials
Computer and Internet

Computer and Internet

  • Organize your folders, images and documents
  • Organize your browser's favorites
  • Organize your content in OneNote
Video Management

Video Management

  • Upload videos to your YouTube account
  • Have intros and outros made for your videos
  • Plus, much more!
Ad Management

Ad Management

  • Set up and manage paid ad campaigns in Facebook
  • Manage paid web traffic campaigns
  • Plus, much more!

How it works

Easy as 1-2-3

Select the plan


Select the plan you'd like.

get you setup


We'll contact you to get you setup.

working on your tasks


Our team will start working on your tasks.

What you're billed for:

  • All work related to your projects and tasks
  • Time spent in communications related to your tasks



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