Get a business class email
that matches your domain name!

Increase your deliverability and your credibility with an email you own.


We understand the needs of a Business Builder

promote with every email

Promote with
every email

email travels with you

Your email
travels with you

endless support for your email


spam filter your emails

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Why get a business email?

Email remains one of the most important communication tools for a business builder.


This is why it’s crucial that you set up your email system in the safest and most effective way possible.


We suggest all of the people we work with consider getting an email that matches their domain name for many reasons. Here’s just a few:

  • You promote your site with every email you send.
  • You’ll build credibility with your prospects.
  • It’s easier for people to remember.
  • You can choose your own name.
  • It’s mobile, it goes where you go.
  • You own it.
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Advertise your website with each email you send

Now that you have a domain name, you'll want to be able to send out emails that come from your own domain name.


Stop advertising other company's domain names!
Start advertising yours!


Did you realize that every time you email anyone from an email that is not connected to your own domain name, you're advertising another company, not your own!


Just because you're not a billionaire, doesn't mean you can't look like one.


A key for success is to build trust with your prospects. Having a professional email address is a foundation for building the credibility you need in this skeptical online market place.

Why choose Freedom Emails?

AD Free

Why not just use a free email service?


Would it bother you to discover that your free email service may be placing ads for competing products & services at the bottom of all of your emails?


Many services do just that!  Not good from a marketing standpoint!


Freedom Emails are AD FREE!


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Choosing to use Freedom Emails, gives you exactly that, Freedom!


We do all the hard, boring, techy stuff so you can spend less time in the office and more time with your family.



Better Security Matters in Business!

Free email accounts are major targets for hackers and are pounded relentlessly with attempts to break into your account.


Many people also use the same password for their free emails that they use for their other online services which leaves you very vulnerable to a total breach of online security.


Have you ever seen those tacky, spammy messages your friends suddenly start sending you from their Yahoo or Hotmail accounts? Well they’re not actually sending them.


They’ve been hacked! Unfortunately we see this all the time. Using a business class email dramatically reduces your chances of being targeted and hacked.


How embarrassing will it be to have your prospects and clients start getting nasty messages sent from your account due to your Free email account being hacked.


Don’t let it happen to you. Use a business class email account that you own!

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