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We'll help you build a Thriving
Wellness Community of Life-long Buyers


Wellness Community Launchpad

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Wellness Educator's Blueprint

Your Wellness Community is the social hub where engagement thrives - truly the heart of your digital presence. It's a vibrant space where connections are made, not only with you but also amongst members, forming a dynamic network.

A well-structured Wellness Community can help you and your team find, enroll, and retain clients consistently.

social hub where engagement thrives

But creating and setting up groups from scratch can be challenging.

You have to come up with catchy names, craft descriptions, upload graphics, and design challenges.

Let us handle the hard work for you.


In fact, we started helping wellness ambassadors create and manage groups over 10 years
ago and we've set up hundreds of Facebook groups as of today.

So, why not let us deal with the tedious techie tasks
while you focus on what only YOU can do for your business?

Testimonial Jack Peskuski

"I feel very strongly now."

I'm relatively new in the game here but what a relief it is to work with the YFP Team.

- Jack Peskuski

Why Use Our Wellness Community Launch Pad Service?

  • Easy Setup:
    We handle the tech tasks, leaving you free to focus on your unique strengths.
  • Seamless Integration:
    Your groups will connect seamlessly into your own educational ecosystem.
  • Attract More Prospects:
    Your community becomes a funnel for events, offers, and opportunities.
  • Stay Organized:
    Keep track of members and content effortlessly.

Your Community Will be Built to Last!

Our Wellness Community strategy is meticulously crafted for the long haul. It goes beyond mere challenges; it's about nurturing a home where wellness thrives every day.

With our approach, your community transforms into a welcoming 'hangout,' not a place to rush in and out of. It's all about cultivating enduring relationships, not just conducting transactions.

We are teaching Ambassadors to embrace a wellness community strategy that's built to last, that's invigorating, and that's deeply rooted in the spirit of connection.

Your Community Will be Built to Last!

Your Wellness Community Should Help You
Achieve Three Key Objectives:

Discovery, Enrollment, and Retention.

We'll help set up your community to cover all three bases!

Facebook Page: The Community HQ

  • Think of it as your shop window, where clients can discover who you are, learn about your wellness journey, and build trust.
  • No limits on likes or follows, so your community can keep growing.
  • It's your home base for your weekly wellness show, sharing updates, events, it's easily searchable and always available.



Facebook Page: The Community HQ

Discovery Group: The Hangout

  • A friendly space for new members to mingle, ask questions, and discover your wellness vision without any pressure.
  • Offers fun, engaging content that educates and helps build connections with your audience.
  • Invites people to join your tours, live events, and special challenges, helping them explore your offerings even further.
Discovery Group: The Hangout

Retention Group: VIP Lounge

  • An exclusive club for your existing clients, providing them with unique resources and special events.
  • Keeps them coming back with ongoing education, irresistible promotions, and exciting challenges.
  • Helps them feel part of a supportive circle, turning them into enthusiastic brand advocates.
Retention Group: VIP Lounge


By blending these spaces together, you'll have a warm and inviting structure that builds rapport, encourages participation, and nurtures loyalty throughout your wellness ecosystem.


Extra Bonus

You'll get our Social Marketing 365 service FREE FOR 30 DAYS

Let us continue to take care of the hard work for you!

Once your community is set up, you'll need to keep it full of interesting and effective content, which is time-consuming and demands constant attention.

This can be a real challenge to keep up.

Your focus should be dealing with prospects, not digging up great content for your social spaces.

Extra Bonus

You'll be able to connect your spaces to our content stream and have winning content for your community for 30 days at no cost.

Testimonial Randall Frary

"I love how professional I come off to others now."

Makes me feel very confident in approaching prospects and having a place to send them for more knowledge about health and business opportunities that can be crafted to work in an individual way for them specifically.

- Randall Frary


thriving wellness community

Building a thriving wellness community takes
strategy, precision, and effort.

With 26 detailed steps, our team meticulously handles everything for you,
from your personal profile to launching your Facebook Page, Discovery Group, and Retention Group.


Here's How We Do It:


Comprehensive Consultation:
We start with a thorough consultation to download the blueprint, discuss your goals, and map out a strategy tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Consultation

Personal Profile Perfection:
We groom your profile with relevant links, ensure your URL is ready, and optimize recent posts to make a memorable first impression.

Personal Profile Perfection

Discovery Group Setup:
We craft your group name, About section, and features to create an inviting space that educates prospects and encourages engagement.

Discovery Group Setup

Retention Group Excellence:
We refine your retention group, ensuring everything from the name to the URL is crafted to build loyalty and foster valuable relationships.

Retention Group Excellence

How the Wellness Community Launch Pad Works

Complete Payment

1. Complete Payment:

Our support team will contact you to schedule your consultation.


2. Consultation:

A coach will discuss strategy and design, guiding you through setup options (1-2 hours).

We Do the Setups

3. We Do the Setups:

Sit back and relax while we set up and connect your spaces to your websites (3-4 hours).


4. Launch:

We'll remotely access your computer to complete the final steps (1 hour).

Social Marketing 365

5. Social Marketing 365:

You can start posting content into your groups right away with our Social Marketing 365 Content Capsule and we'll start posting on your business page for you for 30 days to keep your groups educational and engaging.


6. Coaching:

1-on-1 coaching to help you build and run your community (1-2 hours).

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3 Easy Payments
of $175/mo.


Remember business expenses such as these may be tax deductible!


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