Shaklee Disclaimer

In 1981 Kerry and Peter Steeg started their Shaklee business.

They started building their business like everyone else at the time using home meetings. Unfortunately, they soon ran out of people to join their meetings.

So Peter created a simple 3-step sponsoring system to help him find customers and builders and fill their weekly meetings. This was working well and then the internet came along.

In the early 2000's with the help of their son Jody, they put their 3-step system online.

Over the years we've added more products and services to the system and some of these fell outside of Shaklee's P&R requirements stating that Shaklee Ambassadors are not allowed to offer services to other distributors with a value exceeding $25.

So Jody resigned as a business leader and let his team roll up to his parent's business and he put his sole focus on Your Freedom Project (YFP).

For this reason, the system is no longer owned by a Shaklee Ambassador.

Shaklee Corporation is not affiliated with our system or any entity related to our company and does not review or endorse any content on this site.

We are proudly independent and rooted in Miami, Florida.

Our dynamic team is spread across five countries:
USA - Ukraine - Mexico - Canada - Philippines.

Our independence is key to protecting Shaklee and innovating the most impactful educational marketing tools.

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All testimonials and success stories on our website are from members of Your Freedom Project and they're not compensated for their testimonials and endorsements.
Shaklee Corporation is not affiliated with and does not endorse Your Freedom Project.