Powerful solutions for challenges
every distributor faces...

Our features will help you get past the major roadblocks to success,
from skeptical prospects, customer retention, to team development and more...


Build trust with your brand

Personal Branding Hub Site

Your Hub Site ties all your web properties into one neatly organized marketing hub.

You'll have a personal website that connects your visitors to YOU and your story and this builds trust and credibility in a skeptical world.

It also gives your prospects and clients a place to find your value driven content and community on Facebook and your other social spaces.

Personal Branding Hub Site

Your Hub Site helps you:
  • Brand yourself
  • Drive traffic to your lead capture sites
  • Look like a credible source of info
  • Have a central place for all your sites
Roxanne Spatafora

"Everything in one place."

The Hub Site is so professional; it makes us look so smart and successful. But the best part for me is how organized everything is.

- Roxanne Spatafora


Where it all connects! Your Marketing Hub

Where it all connects

Ellen Reynolds

" went from 2000 to 15,000 in sales volume!"

I was considering quitting until I found this system. Now I run between 13 to 15,000 in volume in month.

- Ellen Reynolds
Pamela Schmaling

"My volume grew 10X!"

My volume went from 4 thousand to over 18 thousand a month and I've moved up 2 ranks since I started using Freedom Builder's 3-step sponsoring system.

- Pamela Schmaling


Communicate with more people

Wellness and Business-Focused Lead Magnets

It's important to have tools that help you capture people's follow-up information so you can stay in touch with them over time.

Wellness and Business-Focused Lead Magnets

With your lead magnets, you can build your marketing lists and cultivate an engaged audience you can communicate and market to.

DeAnna McColm

"I recently got three people who went to my lead capture site!""

I want to thank Your Freedom Project and my awesome coaches for this amazing prospecting tool!

- DeAnna McColm


Increase customer retention

Educational Webcasts

We produce live educational events with expert speakers that you can invite your customers and prospects to.

Monthly Webcasts

  • Beautifully designed presentations
  • Includes personalized registration pages
  • Registrants are added to your contact manager
  • You can send follow-up invites to your registrants
  • We provide marketing assets to promote your events
  • Know who are registered in the event manager
Deb Walkland

"I sold 3 products right after the webinar!"

My cousin has a gut issue. When he saw the webinar he said "I want those products" Do I want more webinars? Bring them on and thanks again!!!

- Deb Walkland


Weekly Wellness Emails

With My Freedom Builder, our team will write and send beautiful broadcasts to your customers and prospects
every week.

We'll send emails that will invite people to your live events, update them on what's new, and educate them on topics that nurture your relationship.

Weekly Wellness Emails

  • One email per week keeps your clients educated
  • Promotes your weekly wellness center articles
  • Helps boost meeting attendance
  • Encourages clients to try new products
  • Reinforces value of products your customer's order
  • You can personalize and edit the messages
  • You'll know who opened and clicked your emails
Carol DeNooyer

"I have sold 6 Kits after my email campaign went out!"

I want to thank YFP for the professional weekly emails. YFP frees me up to build more relationships and connect with real people! Thank you!

- Carol DeNooyer


Monthly Newsletter

Our team will also write, design, and send a professional newsletter for you every month.

Watch your volume grow when you can educate your
group and keep them updated on what's new with a monthly newsletter.

Monthly Newsletter

  • Improves reorder rates
  • Helps boost meeting attendance
  • You can personalize it
  • Integrates with your YFP blog
  • Written and mailed for you
Maura McCabe

"Sponsored a new member with a Weight loss Kit on AutoShip."

My customer reached out to me saying "I just got your newsletter." The weekly emails and newsletters did most of the work over the last 8 or 9 months as he got to know more about the company and products.

- Maura McCabe


Your Newsletters and Emails All Connect to Your Wellness Center

Newsletters and emails


Your Wellness Center

Your emails and newsletters all tie into your Wellness Resource Center. Your Wellness Center allows you to share valuable content that educates your customers and builders.

This allows you to promote free content and attract people to you.

Your Wellness Center

  • Reinforce the value of your products to clients
  • Your members will discover a wider range products
  • You'll have a place to get answers for difficult questions
  • Your members can access your newsletter and webcast archives
Dan Parks

"I was able to qualify for the Conference!"

This has helped me get recognized as a Star Achiever at the global conference.

- Dan Parks


Learn & Earn Module

Incentivize education to increase volume.

Create stable volume, deepen customer loyalty, and expand your client's knowledge of important wellness topics with our easy-to-use Learn & Earn program.

For years, business leaders had success with their own Learn & Earn programs. Unfortunately, it often became too much to manage and track everything. With our system, everything is automated.

You just have to guide people to it and let them do it!

Learn & Earn Module

  • Easy to track
  • Helps boost volume
  • Introduces clients to a wider range of products
  • Improves client loyalty
Alison & Bret Van De Pol

"We use the Learn & Earn in our group quite heavily!"

That's been part of our recent growth in our business. All because we are teaching our distributors to use the same process.

- Alison & Bret Van De Pol


Your clients can create a free account in your Wellness Center and have instant access to your digital library of e-books, archived events, wellness resources, and more.



Weekly Articles

Weekly Articles

Archived Events

Archived Events



Digital Library

Digital Library


We take content quality seriously!

We work with Dr. Bruce Daggy the former chief science officer of a major nutrition company and Dr. John Westerdahl, who is an internationally recognized authority in the fields of food, nutrition, and wellness.

We also bring in other wellness experts to speak, like Dr. Steve Chaney, Dr. Jamie McManus, Dr. Richard Brouse, and many others.

Our team of experts will help:

  • Free you up from having to be an expert
  • Build credibility with your customers and prospects
  • Ensure your content is compliant with Shaklee legal
  • Give insights into the unique science behind the products


Find new distributors

Business Funnels - As Simple as 1-2-3!

You'll never wonder what to say or do with your prospects because everything is laid out for you in an organized path.

You'll love how simple it is to enroll new builders using our proven step-by-step system.

  • It's quick and simple
  • Mobile friendly
  • Links to videos and other media to aid their exploration
  • Educate your prospects into a YES!


You have a new business builder.

Karen Hurd

"A long term customer just upgraded to Qualified Distributor"

She loved the classrooms and it really helped her to understand how we do network marketing differently than what she had been exposed to.

- Karen Hurd


Develop your team of leaders

Business Center

Our info-packed Business Center is stocked full of archived webcasts, conference calls, articles, and helpful resources to make sure you know how to use your marketing tools.

Business Center

  • You can access all our archived webcasts
  • Read helpful training articles
  • Get simple to follow training to help you build
  • Access to recommended reading and resources
Julie Hoffman

"My husband and I have just been talking about the vast array of fantastic tools we have with YFP."

We totally know that it is up to us to learn how to utilize all the tools, but we are excited about and assured that so many tools are available to us.

- Julie Hoffman


Deepen your connections


Contact Manager

Your business revolves around people.
Our simple-to-use Contact Manager makes it easy for you to track, manage, and follow up with all of your prospects, builders, and product clients in one place.

When you can organize and keep notes on your contacts, you can get to know them better and create stronger relationships, resulting in more buyers and builders.

Contact Manager

  • Take notes on your prospects
  • Get better insights on their interests
  • Manage tasks, and appointments


With My Freedom Builder, you'll have a complete suite of marketing tools to help you find, sponsor, and train your team all from your laptop or mobile device!


Here's a quick recap of how our features will help you:

Market Your Brand
Market Your Brand

with your personal branding Hub Site.

Find New Customers
Find New Customers

with your 3-step Explore Wellness funnel.

Find New Business Builders
Find New Business Builders

with your 3-step Explore Opportunity funnel.

Follow Up and Nurture Clients
Follow Up and Nurture

with pre-written weekly wellness email broadcasts.

Educate Clients
Educate Clients

with your educational resource center.

Capture Leads
Capture Leads

with wellness & business focused lead capture sites.

Live Events
Live Events

with monthly wellness webcasts presented by expert speakers.

Incentivize Learning
Incentivize Learning

with your Learn & Earn module and simple tracker.

Manage Your Contacts
Manage Your Contacts

with your contact manager, calendar and insights.

Train Your Team
Train Your Team

with your info-packed business training center.

Save Money!
Save Money!

with special discounts off our other products and services.

Live Support
Live Support

with our team of friendly support elves and expert coaches.






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