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Let our team of experts design you beautiful PowerPoint presentations that are fun to present and boosts sales.



Have you spent hours and hours trying to create your own PowerPoint presentations only to be disappointed with how they look?

Are you worried the images you're using might get you in legal hot water for copyright infringement?

If you don't want your slides to end up with hard to read fonts, pixelated images and poor layouts, let our team of designers do the hard work for you!

spent hours and hours


The truth is, you want to focus on getting people to listen to your presentations, not fiddling with PowerPoint slides.

Giving great presentations is a key to success in network marketing but it's not easy to create a great looking slide deck.

not fiddling with PowerPoint

Having a few great presentations can help you:

  • Feel more confident when you present
  • Keep your clients engaged
  • Increase your client's belief and understanding
  • Increase enrollment and sales
great presentations
Jennifer Glacken

"People didn't see us as a resource because we didn't establish ourselves as a resource. That's one of the things that I love about YFP, we are a resource with tools to help you be seen as credible and valuable because you have tools to back you up."

- Sr. Master Coordinator Jennifer Glacken

You can use your presentations for:

  • Offline events
  • When you do Zoom events
  • When you do a your live streams
  • Recording a video for your YouTube channel

Visually appealing slides makes it easier to present and more fun for your clients to watch!

Our team has created hundreds of PowerPoint presentations
for network marketers that make an impact and we can do the same for you.

Here are some samples of PowerPoints we have customized

Sample PPT


Sample PPT

Randy Frary

"It is so much more professional to have a PowerPoint designed specifically for what you're talking about to your prospects and your online events! PowerPoint also make it easy for new Ambassadors to copy your process. Very repeatable and quicker for new builders."

- Randy Frary

How does our service work?

You simply write the text you want on your slides in a word document
or OneNote or other note taking app and we'll convert it into visually appealing slides.

What if I want to edit it?

After we design your slides we'll send you the file and you can edit it anytime at no cost
or if you have bigger changes needed we can make updates for as low as $12/hr.

With our service we'll:

  • Design your slides so they're easy to update
    and edit any time you want to make your own changes.
  • You'll be able swap out images
    without having to resize or reshape them.
  • Create your slides on a color palette you'll love
    with your brand colors and logo if you have one.
  • Ensure your fonts are consistent.
  • Use images authorized for use that won't get you
    in legal trouble with copyright infringement.
With our service

How we compare:

Other design services charge as much as $500 per slide!

How we compare How we compare How we compare

Have us design your slides at prices you can afford.

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Have us design 2 Presentation with 20 slides ea.


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Have us design 3 Presentation with 20 slides ea.
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