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Free Set-up

Free Set-up

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Automatic Renewal

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Endless Support

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Privacy Assured

Why get a Domain Name?

owning a domain

Owning a Domain name is like owning real estate on the internet. It’s your web property.

unique memorable domain

Having a unique, memorable domain can make it easier for people to remember your site address.

increase prospect curiosity

It can also increase your prospect’s curiosity which will improve your response rates and increase your success

Avoid losing your leads!

You see if your prospect removes your name from your lead capture website’s address, they wont arrive at your site.

IE: if your site name is your prospect may remove the frank. portion of the name. This could lead to your prospect getting lost or finding someone else’s site.

Stake your claim!

Finding your perfect piece of internet Real Estate is one of the best marketing investments you’ll ever make.

And like every investment
you’ll want a professional caretaker who can ensure it’s looked after, secure and safe.

You don’t want to just buy a domain name, you want a property manager, who’ll watch over your internet real estate portfolio.

Stake your claim

Why choose Freedom Domains

Can't I find a domain cheaper elsewhere?
Yes, you can buy a cheaper domain from another company, however that’s all you’re buying. A domain name. it's the business support, service and experience that we offer. We offer Domain property management. We are caretakers of your web property. We don’t just sell you a domain.

What's your time worth to you?
What's the peace of mind of having someone who's in your industry that will take care of you and your domain worth to you? We see far too many people buy their own name and then still have to come to us because they don't know how to set up their domains.

Another important point is that your domain integrates with our other products and services. You won’t have to worry about changing it if we make a site update that affects your lead capture URL.

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Best Practices



Choosing Freedom Domains, gives you exactly that, Freedom!

We do all the hard, boring, techy stuff so you can spend less time in the office and more time with your family.

Privacy at no extra cost

When you purchase a domain yourself, your name, email and address will be listed for spammers and prying eyes to see. With your Freedom Domain, we only list your name as the  registrant (Owner) and put our information down for the rest. This prevents you from getting heaps of unwanted spam, solicitation letters in the mail and other annoying invasions of your privacy.

To get this kind of privacy you'd normally have to buy a special service called a domain by proxy which is an extra cost and even harder for you to maintain yourself.

Privacy at no extra cost

Our Formula for a perfect domain

  • Short

    We recommend you keep it under 25 characters so you can fit it in a newspaper ad column. Newspapers have been proven to be a very effective method of finding prospects.

  • Creates Curiosity

    The best domains arouse curiosity in your prospect. If they see your name and think, how does that work, how do they do that or what is that? You’ve got a great name.

  • Memorable

    Chances are people won’t always be near their computer when they see or hear your domain name. This is why it’s important to have a name that sticks in their mind. Something catchy and rolls off your tongue.

Formula for a perfect domain

Best Practices


  • Do NOT use trademarked names or names that will violate copyright law any where within the name.

  • Do NOT use a . (dot), _ (underscore), / (forward slash) or the & sign in your domain name. Letters, numbers, and/or hyphens only.

Best Practices


We’ll secure, and look after your internet real estate for as little as $2 a month.

  • Hassle-free
  • Endless support
  • Free set up
  • 5 day exchange
  • Peace of mind
  • Privacy
Affordable Domains

We'll secure & manage 1 DOMAIN


per year

We'll secure & manage 2 DOMAIN


per year



Avoid Domain Squatters

We recommend you acquire all 4 of the most widely known
top level extensions for your Domain properties.


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Discover our expert tips for choosing a great Domain


Best Practices


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