When you sell, you create resistance, when you educate, you build rapport and trust.

YFP helps ambassadors find, enroll and retain clients using live events, e-newsletters, and other educational marketing resources.

Barb J

"I've moved up 2 ranks since joining YFP!"
When I started guiding people through my funnels I started growing. It's simplifies my business and gives me freedom! 

- Barb J

Wellness Educator's Blueprint

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Wellness Educator's Blueprint.

The Wellness Educator's Blueprint is not just a strategy; it's a transformational approach that revolutionizes how you build your wellness business online.

It shifts the focus from sales tactics to education, positioning you as an invaluable wellness educator and resource so you can create sales without being salesy.

This blueprint offers you the strategy and action steps needed to become a fully equipped wellness educator and grow a community eager to invest in a life of vitality.

Within its pages, you'll uncover:

  • The foundations for success.
  • How to build a community and attract people to it.
  • The educational ecosystem needed to power it all.
  • The roadmap to find, enroll and retain clients.
  • What you need to be a fully equipped wellness educator.

Dive into this blueprint, and let's turn your community into the go-to spot for wellness fun.

You’re not just building a business - you're launching a wellness party that everyone wants an invite to!


What exactly is YFP?

What exactly is YFP

Your Freedom Project or YFP for short, is a 360-degree ecosystem of tools and training designed to help you:

  1. Find new builders
  2. Find new customers
  3. Increase sales and retention

And it's not just a box full of tools

Why are business builders
winning with YFP?

YFP addresses the 3 specific areas that network marketers struggle with:

  1. Not knowing where to go to find people to talk to
  2. Not knowing what to say to the people they find
  3. Not having a formula or a plan to stay on track and measure success
What exactly is YFP
More Focused


Our DMO workspace makes it easy to stay focused on income producing activities.

More Focused


Our team and the system works on your behalf 24/7 so you can scale and grow efficiently.

More Freedom


Our team handles most of the heavy lifting for you so you can spend less time at your computer.

More Fun


You'll have less rejection, faster growth with less headache making the business more fun.

Susan Risbridger

"I went from 1,000 to 2,996 PV in 4 months using YFP!"

I joined in June because my volume was way down and I felt like I was losing my business. The turning point for me was when I was 1,000 PV short at the end of the month. In the month of October, I was very happy to see that I was at 2,996 PV!

-Susan Risbridger

With YFP you'll be able to teach your team
how to have success by design, not by accident.

You'll avoid the top 2 reasons
people won't join your business

1. Having to sell
2. Not wanting to bug friends and family

These are the top objections your business prospects will tell you when they're looking at the business opportunity. 

You'll convert more prospects to builders because you'll be able to show them how to create sales without having to specialize in selling using our 4 proven educational marketing strategies.

Educational Marketing strategies will allow you to:

Taking Notes

Attract prospects to you

You'll learn how to engage people powerfully and attract them into your business.


Build strong relationships

You won't feel salesy because our system enables you to build relationship, offer value and stay in contact with people.

Integrations Built In

Be seen as a trusted source

People will think of you as a trusted source of information and products they can recommend to others.

Integrations Built In

Allow people to sell themselves

As an educational marketer, you'll be able to educate people into a YES instead of relying on sales methodology to grow your business.

In fact, billions of dollars in sales are done every day without the use of selling tactics and we can teach you how!

The best consumers are educated customers!

We create top-notch content that will keep your clients engaged and educated.

"So excited to share that over the recent
months, my bonus checks have doubled!"

I credit the great information in the email marketing system
and monthly newsletters. Now to amp up my training with
weekly webinars.

- Gayle Sellers

Gayle Sellers

What Is Educational Marketing?

Educational marketing

Educational marketing

Educational marketing is where you focus on promoting educational content in order to create sales vs trying to use traditional selling tactics.

Educational marketing

The YFP way is about learning how to become skilled at communicating value while offering people a choice. This allows people to educate and sell themselves on the products and the opportunity.

Educational marketing is difficult to do on your own because it requires a steady stream of high-quality content. And this is where we shine.

Our well-researched, cutting-edge wellness content developed with our team of highly skilled nutritional science advisors and wellness experts, helps you attract prospects and keeps customers reordering.

Our Products

Everything you need in one place!
Our 360-degree ecosystem of tools and training ensures you'll have everything you need to grow your business.
And all our tools integrate together, so you'll have a tightly knit marketing platform with everything in one place.

online tools virtual assistance coaching custom design courses social marketing freedom builder
online tools virtual assistance coaching custom design courses social marketing freedom builder

With all that your network marketing company offers,
why our tools?

Your company creates amazing products, but they don't specialize in marketing and educating people about their products. That's what you're for.

And you need tools and support they can't always provide in order to fully implement this strategy.

Your company is best at providing the operations side, such as your online shop and back office to manage your business.
We then connect the parts that they don't offer to give you a complete client-facing educational marketing hub.

YFP Tools

Get Awesome Training & Resources

We offer loads of free training and resources to help you grow.

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