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Find, Sponsor and Train new Shaklee Distributors from home, online.

In Network Marketing, it doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates.

With our system you’ll have the tools and training needed to find, sponsor and train your team.

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Here’s what you can do with this system

Our simple 3 step sponsoring and training system will allow you to accomplish the 3 keys needed for success in Shaklee all while working from your home computer.

Find Interested Prospects

1. Find Interested Prospects

You’ll learn how to attract traffic and capture leads with your own beautiful and compelling lead capture website.

Convert them into Builders

2. Convert them into Builders

You’ll be able to follow-up and convert your leads into members & distributors with our simple but powerful 3 step process.

Train & Duplicate the Process

3. Train & Duplicate the Process

You’ll be able to train your team to duplicate the process as well as educate your entire organization so they’ll all use more products.

"I reached Director last month using Your Freedom Project."


Moving forward, not slowing down. I will be telling you about Senior Director within 90 more days. Thank you Elves.


Richard Fox

"Your Freedom Project system works.....IF you WORK it!"


We have amazing support calls two nights a week to choose from that will help us to grow and to become strong business builders and leaders, a duplicatable system to duplicate that we can also teach others to duplicate by just following it, and tons of tutorials we can do in our own time.


Dannie Cade

No computer skills? No Problem!

Simple to Use

Simple to Use

Whether you’re a computer newbie or an expert, you’ll be able to put the system to work for you. Basic skills only required!

Proven Results

Proven Results

Hundreds of Shaklee Distributors have achieved trips, increased in rank, received car bonuses and built large stable business using the system.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing

From our active Facebook Group to our Social Media Marketing support, we’re on the leading edge of what it takes to help you grow in this new social media landscape.

Friendly Service

Friendly Service

Forget about email as your only method of getting help. We offer Live Chat, Help Desk and Phone support 5 days a week.

Everything You Need

Everything You Need

Social Media Marketing Support, Simple to follow trackers, Highly effective lead capture websites, gorgeous and compelling presentations, in depth training and support.

1 on 1 Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching

A system is only as good as the support and help you get. We have expert coaches ready to ensure you are set up to win.

"I became a Fast Track Director."


I became a Fast Track Director and was recognized as a Star Achiever in Las Vegas using Your Freedom Project.


Nicole Eule

"Your Freedom Project just helped me bring in another Gold Ambassador!"


In fact, Your Freedom Project may have tipped the scales in my favor as they knew another Shaklee distributor, but that person didn't use YFP.


Karen Hurd

real people. real success.
real people. real success. picture

My PV is growing 10x and I've gone from Coordinator to Senior Executive Coordinator

In the past, I had difficulty keeping directors. Now with your Freedom Project, the directors I am building are staying. They are strong and growing, and they are building their own Directors.


I've developed 7 Directors since 2006 and I will have another 3 breakouts this month in the FASTTRACK. Your Freedom Project is truly a Director-building machine.


I've been using your Freedom Project for five years and my PV is growing 10 times and I have gone from a Coordinator to a thriving Senior Executive Coordinator.


I'm actually getting ready to pick out my car that I'll be driving in 2011 and I'm excited to qualify for bonus cars again. I have traveled a total of 22 trips. And right now, I'm getting ready to travel on a cruise to Belize with my daughter.


If not for your Freedom Project, I wouldn't be enjoying these benefits.


Thank you,

Pamela Schmaling

How does it work

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